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Since I started my business back in 1994, I have tuned in on mainly wedding receptions.

I have been a part of other events such as fund raisers, holiday parties, company picnics, dinner dances, pool parties, Christmas parties, etc.

But, I continue to look toward the wedding reception as my main booking event. Please give me a call concerning any event that you may have. Given your date and time frame of your event, it may be something that I can work with you and get into my datebook. If not, I will help you try and find a suitable entertainer to help you work with your event.

I do travel anywhere for events.

I DROVE to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to do an event, as well as Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

In June of 2013 I drove to Deer Creek Run in Asheville, NC to work an entire 3 day weekend involving a wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, and the wedding reception as well.

I am sure that your event isn’t too far for me to travel.

It is probably a good bet that you didn’t buy your dress on the phone, would you hire your florist…your caterer…your photographer.. over the phone, without meeting with them first..?

It does surprise me that many choose their Reception Entertainment on the phone.. The one person that will introduce you, act as your Master of Ceremonies, keep your guests entertained, make your announements, and keep the music going all night. Do you really want to trust all of that to someone that you have NEVER met in person, before you sign a contract..??

Give me a call and lets set up an absolutely FREE consultation. We can meet and talk about your dreams for YOUR event. If you think that I will compliment your event and fit in with your plans, then we can proceed from there. If not….then you have lost nothing, and you haven’t already signed a contract with someone that may not fit into your plans.

All events are priced individually as I said….so if you are going to email me…give me some information to go on… where is the event… what time frame are you looking at… sound needs, lighting, travel, etc… I get lots of emails that simply ask…”what do you charge..?”